Practical Learning of Income and Sales Tax Course

Practical Learning of Income and Sales Tax Course

Practical understanding, e-filling, and Learning of Income and Sale Tax Course

Are you interested to learn income and sales tax practically with its e-filling? It is the right place where you will come to know practical learning of tax activities applied to business as well as individual practices. We have designed a course “Practical Learning of Income and Sales Tax Course” for you on income and sale tax based on relevant sections that deal with issues relating to tax matters on day to day basis and answer your questions about whether they relate to Companies or individual activities.

The course includes the following sections covered under module wises with concept building and then its applicability and practical e-filling on IRIS and other portals of authority.

Income Tax ( Direct Tax )

  • Basic Concepts
  • Major compliance and regulation relating to FBR.
  • The taxation system in Pakistan.
  • Company and Individual NTN Registration with FBR.
  • The registration process of companies and individuals.
  • Relevant sections and their understanding, computation, e-filling, and applicability.
  • Section 149 Income from Salary.
  • Section-155 Income from Property.
  • Section-153 Payments of Goods, Services, and Contract.
  • Section-147 Advance Income Tax.
  • Section-113 Minimum Tax or Turnover Tax.
  • Section-152 Payment to Non-Resident Abroad.
  • Section-148 Import Tax (Tax deduction at import stages)
  • Section-165 Withholding Statement.
  • Section-114 Annual Income Tax Return.
  • Section-116 Wealth Statement Reconciliation.
  • Challan making and submission.
  • Complete guidance of tax e-filling of the above sections.
  • Responses to notices.

Sale Tax ( Indirect Tax )

  • Introduction to Sale Tax.
  • Scope and Payment of Tax.
  • Registration Process (Federal GST and Provisional Service Tax)
  • Rules between Sellers and Buyers.
  • Understanding the law and its applicability.
  • Bookkeeping and invoice and other requirements.
  • Sale Tax Value (VAT) Output Tax.
  • Purchase Tax Value (VAT) Input Tax.
  • Credit Note Concept.
  • Debit Note Concept.
  • Penalties, Default surcharge.
  • Withholding of Sale Tax.
  • Active Status of Sale.
  • Tax Agent.
  • Zero Rate Tax / Exemption on Sale Tax.
  • Practically understanding of Cases.
  • Monthly Return E-Filling Sale Tax.
  • Details Understanding of IRIS portal.
  • Details understanding of SRB, PRA, KPRA, and BRA portal.
  • Making Challan and submissions.
  • Reply to notices.

Sale Tax Practice on Applications of IRIS and Provisional Portals

Practical Learning of Income and Sales Tax Course
Practical Learning of Income and Sales Tax Course
Practical Learning of Income and Sales Tax Course

Basically, tax-related issues faced by individuals and companies are applicable laws, rules, regulations, obligations, E-filling of data on application, submission of data, reporting, wealth reconciliation, new laws imposed during the year, management of business transactions in line with tax compliances and dealing with notices due to non-compliance of the prior period, etc., which must be in knowledge by the persons managing tax activities or tax practitioners.

Two months of training is provided to students by experienced and qualified Chartered Management Accountants and Lawyers on practical scenarios of tax e-filling applications with current applicable laws and regulations.

After the completion of the course, you will be able to have knowledge of rules, regulations, tax computation, tax e-filling on applications, obligations and compliances that must be fulfilled by individual and companies, and practical approaches of how to manage issues from time to time relating to tax of the country


The Conclusion of this topic “Practical Learning of Income and Sales Tax Course“, tax course is based on specific objectives covering an understanding of tax laws and regulations, skills development of tax-related decision making, application of tax principles, knowledge of how to make tax planning and strategies, tax saving, credit, exemption and incentive, meeting tax compliances as and when due, updated knowledge of continuous changing laws, providing a solid foundation to students to manage tax queries arising due to the normal course of business and individual actions.

The E-tax consultants team provide professional taxation course, sale tax course, practical e-filing of tax, income tax filling, and income tax return learning in Pakistan. If you want to learn a complete course then contact us.

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