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E- Tax Consultants has a professional and expert team in Pakistan. We provide the best intellectual property rights like trademark registration, copyright registration, and patent registration. Visionaries around the world require their creative thoughts and insights to be safe as such innovative ideas can earn them a fortune. We provide such innovative minds with services that enable them to get a right of ownership of their own thoughts. We are passionate about providing you with the best assistance in registering for trademarks, copyrights, or parents.

E-Tax Consultants do not work biasedly. We treat all clients with the same level of respect and save their creative thoughts for their betterment. Our approach includes the following points:

  • Detailed research prior to the registration
  • Persistent accuracy to match your needs
  • Accurate filing of the application
  • Ensuring the legal obligations are met
  • Getting the registration process done

Our Approach

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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights
E-Tax Consultants ensure that there is not even a single percent chance of someone else stealing your work. Staying original is what brands require these days to fight with their competitors. We deliver our intellectual property rights services in such a way that your brand not only looks original but also gets a certain edge to tackle the competitors. 

  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Patent Registration

Our Expertise

E-Tax Consultants have been in the consultancy market for decades and have helped multiple tech leaders of today. Businesses with little capital have approached us and have converted their small-sized businesses to multinational corporations. This is the reason why innovators around the world choose us.

Why Should I Choose E-Tax Consultants?

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner and have to register for a trademark, copyright, or patent then you have come to the right place. Our trademark registration services ensure that your brand stays original and isolated as compared to other brands. Similarly, our copyright registration allows the clients to stay free from any infringement whatsoever. E-Tax Consultants’ patent registration allows the clients to save their thoughts in such a way that no one can replicate such thoughts.

"We take care of all the in Intellectual Property Rights."

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