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E-Tax Consultants provide the best NTN registration service in Pakistan for salaried persons, companies, and partnerships to get their NTN Registration and verification complete. We provide them with all the necessary details and our experts file the registration for NTN. Businesses all over Pakistan require this registration; therefore, there is no requirement whether your business is small, medium, or large-sized, all you have to do is approach us and get your NTN registration complete. We facilitate you in the best fashion possible. Contact us anytime or submit the contact form so our consultants will approach you and fulfill your requirements.

Understanding the policies of the government, agencies can become a bit hectic at times and for this reason, major business owners tend to seek services that would hand them their NTN in return for a nominal service charge. So don’t worry about NTN registration and verification. E-Tax consultants offer professional NTN registration service for your business.

Our Renowned Services

e-tax Consultants

NTN Registration service

E-Tax Consultants serves the ones who struggle with legal procedures and brand registrations with the FBR while managing their respective businesses. We ensure that such business persons or even individuals do not waste their previous time, and leave the worries to us as we thrive in registering for such procedures. We cater to the following list of clientele:

NTN Registration service
  1. NTN Registration for Salaried Person
  2. NTN Registration for Businessmen (Sole Proprietor)
  3. NTN Registration for individual earning interest income and other income
  4. NTN Registration for Partnership Firm
  5. NTN Registration For Companies
  6. Income Tax Return Filling
  7. Wealth Statement Return Filling
  8. Quarterly Withholding Income Tax Return Filling
  9. Advance Tax Return Filling
  10. Salaries Withholding Tax Challan
  11. Withholding Tax of Payment to Vendors
  12. Refund Claim Services
  13. Replies to notices from FBR/attending observation/ offices


Focus On Core Business Activities

E-Tax Consultants believe that a brand should focus on its core activities and leave the rest to us. Our experts are known for a reason and for this reason, we make sure that your focus is always on your brand’s functioning, not on legal procedures like NTN registration. E-Tax Consultants charges a very nominal service fee for the registration of NTN. Our NTN registration service for individuals earning interest income and other income also serve to be quite economical for clients. We do not believe in becoming a burden on your wallets

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